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It was the summer of 2012 that Kanye and Dj Khaled dropped Thereflu, later known as Cold. I remember rewriting my own words to it when it came out that summer and performed it a few times live back in Portland, ME.

4 years later I've remade the beat myself, recorded and mixed the track, and am finally dropping it en route to This SIde Of Paradise. Enjoy.

So Much Ink.

Konrad Bogart Kanye West Art Mixtape Cover fine art handmade woodblock print this side of paradise rap music
Kyle Bryant Konrad Bogart All The Way up cover rap artist hip hop fine art printmaking fat joe french montana remy ma dj khaled


I hear so many songs with hot beats. This is one of them. You've probably heard it on the radio as it's been at the top of the charts all summer. I've seen so many young artists get on popular beats as a way to raise awareness about their music, and I think it's a good idea. For that reason I bring you my remix of Fat Joe and Remy Ma's All The Way Up!


Konrad Bogart is a fine artist and rapper. His music is here to compliment his art and expand upon the ideas and realities of being an artist in the modern age. KB’s songs reflect on the realities of trying to make it in the art world, doing anything he can to avoid the life of the “starving artist” and the perseverance that it requires to continue moving forward in life, following what you are passionate about despite overwhelming odds against you.  

KB’s unique lane allows him to create additional depth to his music by creating artwork to accompany it. Focusing his fine art efforts on the technique of woodcut printmaking, KB is working to create a fusion between his art and music in the coming year in the form of two ep’s both titled TSOP. 

What is TSOP? I know two meanings, tweet me what you think it is @ThatRealKB.