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Wanna get away?

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If you know me personally you know I haven't been the biggest fan of Denver. For me, it's a city without an identity, a vast plains development of suburban sprawl. I haven't found where I belong here because I don't think Denver knows where it belongs. 

I've always had dreams of traveling the country, and the world, but it just seems so unrealistic sometimes. What about rent? What about a job? What about all the other things we pile on ourselves each day? What about that? 

Well, I don't really have any of that anyway. I don't have a steady job. I make art. I can make art anywhere. I'm tired of working my ass off every day so I can pay someone else's mortgage. I'm tired of not having any assets because I give my money away to someone else every month. 

But how do you make it all work? I'm not 100% positive, but I think this could be a piece of the puzzle. 

I had a friend tell me the other day that watching me pursue my dreams for all of these years has inspired him to get clean and stop using drugs. He told me I was the definition of a real American. 

What's more American than a VW van? What's more American than Route 66? The classic American road trip? 

I guess for now I can only speculate, but I've never been one to have dreams and not go after them. 

If you could go anywhere in the USA where would you go?