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Skateboarding Nostalgia

lifestylekyle bryantComment

I found a cool little skate spot right outside of my door. It's a super smooth bank with a manual pad built into the middle. 

It was pretty awesome of the city to build this little spot because it doubles (or perhaps the primary reason for it existing) as a stop for missed basketball shots. 

I love skating it like a Z-Boy, just riding around, getting my hands on it and maybe the occasional manual over the box.  

All of this skateboarding has gotten me nostalgic. Below I'll share two skate videos that had a huge impact on me, and my skate history. 

Peep This was the first skate video I ever bought. Back then Jeff, Mike, and I would watch it almost every day before we went to skate. I bought it at Bill's Surf and Skate, which was a great skate shop. I'm glad it was there, this video of late 90's NYC is raw. 

Dog Town and Z-Boys is a stellar documentary by Stacy Peralta about the early days of skateboarding, a time when the sport went from a goofy hobby to something with real style and innovation. 

I think skateboarding has a lot to do with why I am the way I am. Where the DIY ethos comes from. I am grateful to have found skateboarding. Even if I was never that good, I still love it.