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Missed a few days but why?

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Hello world, 

I've been trying to post blog posts every day lately but today is Wednesday and my last post was on Sunday... Why is that? 

Well, I moved. I'm still in Denver, but am in a new apartment. 

I'm happy to have left my last living situation. If you know me personally you know that it was a really toxic environment.

The landlord lived in the basement and was a party animal. What that means is that on a regular basis over the last 9 months I would be woken up by house music blasting from downstairs at any given hour of the week, often times at or close to 5 am when he came home from the club or after party. In my opinion he was really just an entitled, arrogant, inconsiderate person. 

The other revolving door of roommates ranged from ok to completely terrible, and since the landlord didn't have to really live with them he didn't really care as long as they payed rent. 

Now I'm turning a new page, things are looking much better and I'm happy to be in the situation that I'm in. 

Things you can look forward to in the coming months? A 7 song EP from Konrad Bogart, new prints from Konrad Bogart, a line of T-Shirts from Limit It Editions, some really exciting new prints and the launch of Limit It Radio... 

Peace and God bless,