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Derek Hess - Forced Perspectives

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Back in high school I was super into hardcore music. I was at a show almost every single weekend, would go out of state to see my favorite band on a school night, or travel halfway across the U.S. map to go to a hardcore festival.

One of the biggest inspirations on me as a beginning artist was Derek Hess. He did covers for all kinds of bands but I specifically remember the work he did for Converge, Nora and Shai Hulud.

Derek Hess was definitely a huge inspiration to me as a young creative teen. Gravitas Ventures has released a biographic documentary about this great artist, and I am excited to see it.

Forced Perspective is an intimate character portrait of iconic Cleveland artist Derek Hess by filmmaker Nick Cavalier. From Derek’s early Euclid Tavern concert posters to his expressive fine art pieces, the film is a journey through Derek’s struggle with Alcoholism and bipolar and how these demons effect his artwork along the way. Presenting a window into Derek’s personal life, Illuminating his process and philosophy. Forced Perspective showcases the evolution of a celebrated artist, his effect on music and culture while highlighting the link between creativity and mental illness.