Limit It Editions

Feeling super accomplished...

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My plan today was:


  • finish writing two songs
  • design the cover for my next single "Art: Part 1"
  • Print the edition of 10 for my newest print "Upgrade My Status"
  • go to the lumber yard and prepare blocks for an upcoming print
  • Make sure to drink a lot of water
  • Stretch

What I actually did:

  • Finished one song
  • Designed the cover for my next single "Art: Part 1"
  • Tried to print the edition of 10 and didn't like the results of the first 2 prints
  • Researched why my prints weren't coming out to my standard
  • Learned that I need to "Damp Pack" Rives BFK paper
  • Damp Packed 5 sheets of paper
  • Printed 5 of 10 prints for "Upgrade My Status"
  • Damp Packed 5 more sheets of paper
  • Offset the black block from a new print onto 3 color blocks, registered and ready
  • Drank 2 liters of water
  • Met a Costa Rican and spoke spanish for the whole bus ride
  • Now I'm on my way to stretch.

Goodnight. Bless. Back to punching a clock tomorrow.