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My generation has it twisted...

kyle bryantComment

Let me set the stage for this post:

Late night at a bowling alley, sober after only two beers, playing pool with coworkers and wanting to go home. As the clock hit 11 pm I made the comment "I'm bored as fuck, I think I'm going to go home". My coworker responded with "I know your time is valuable, but we all have businesses that we're working on."

The problem with this comment is that giving your money to a bar is not a business. Getting drunk on a regular basis and going to work hungover does not show initiative. None of the people I was hanging out with that night are taking any noticeable steps toward establishing these so called business, but just like so many of my generation, they seem to think they are entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur is defined as "a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk." Where is the initiative in going to work an actual entrepreneur, and then doing nothing after work? Where is the risk in spending the money you earn at an establishment owned by an actual entrepreneur?

In order to be an entrepreneur one must take action toward realizing and manifesting their ideas. I am tired of hearing people talk about their ideas because most often they have no intention of actually taking the steps to make their ideas a reality.