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And then when he drops it! -Bishop Nehru "The Alert"

kyle bryantComment

I'll admit I was zoned out for the first verse, but once the hook got my attention, and I waited through several seconds of letting "that bitch breathe", Bishop Nehru comes with a hard as fuck verse.

Uh yeah
Getting older so knowing there’s no time to play
Gotta get it andale whether night time or day
It’s time for pay
Ain’t letting chances slide away
I’mma divide ways when clouds and skies are gray
If it took a million days still I’d find a way
To make sure my mother stress less and she finally straight
Got my dreams chasing me call it fate
Was up late nothing nate
Just hopes to be great
Moms cooked but I missed it working on the tape
Then I wait and have crabs or ramen to make
Rhyming all night my craft got me awake
Could never fake a laugh cause I had to get it fast
Mom up for work like “boy you better pass”
Same day I go to school and I’m sleeping in the class
Or battling with teachers
I ended up cutting and leaving to grab pizza
But dreams was all I was trying to get a piece of

[Bridge: Bishop Nehru]
Now they all alerted like they heard me through a speaker
In like reefs we about to get deeper
I’m ready to kill ‘em all just call for the reaper
It’s Bishy the b-eater
— Bishop Nehru - The Alert