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Song Of The Day: Resolutions by Konrad Bogart

kyle bryantComment

It's better late than never. I've wanted to release this song for a long time but just ran into obstacle after obstacle after obstacle along the way. I've weathered the storm, recorded this and mixed it by myself and here it is, my plan for the year ahead.

I'm happy to release: RESOLUTIONS. If you like this song you can support your favorite Rap Artist by buying it HERE

The process of recording this song was ridiculous. First of all, this might be one of the most complex beats I've ever written to. The beginning of the second verse started off awesome but those who understand music will know what I mean when I say my last rhyme fell on the 9 and I only realized this after my new friend Dave Davis made me a 4/4 click track. After that I was able to finish writing but finding the timing to that second verse was a challenge.

Secondly, I don't have my own recording set up so finding a quality microphone was an added problem. I recorded this song on three different microphones and it was only after Dave Davis helped me set up a mic in his apartment that I was able to get the song recorded to the standard that I wanted.

Thirdly, I broke the flash drive that had the individual audio tracks recorded on the second, highest quality mic so I lost my first draft of the song into the ether. I was about ready to just say "Fuck it" at that point but I set out to make this song and I was determined to finish it. Shout out to Dave Davis for trying to solder my flash drive back together.

Finally, I mixed and mastered this song on my own, shout outs to YouTube University. I've mixed a few songs before but I'm still learning how to do it. Guess what though? I love learning and it was awesome to mix this track twice over to find the sound that I wanted.

I hope you enjoy this song, leave your comments below.

Shout outs to Dave Davis for all of his help and for taking the photos in this blog post.
Hit up L. Williams for beats.