Limit It Editions

This should be a good movie...

internetkyle bryantComment

Really looking forward to seeing this. I remember in high school reading about Taki in the book Getting Up. I don't know why the small town Auburn Public Library had a bunch of books about Graffiti but thank god that they did. Those books led me to where I am today. 

Back in the early 2000's I was a little small town "graff king" or so I thought. Then one day I got pulled out of geometry class by the cops, taken into a small room and interrogated. I managed to slip out of the cuffs, so to speak, but I had to stop writing on the walls in the city. I ended up doing a couple of trains but the bike ride to the train yard was too long. 

In the end, getting caught for graffiti made me turn my creative desires into taking just about every art class that my high school had to offer. At the time they all said it was "more productive" which may or may not be true but I still wish I had more chances to paint graffiti. 2016?