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Warm up, It's a warm up...

Musickyle bryantComment

Yesterday I bought a mic and preamp off of Uncle Henry's. If you don't know about Uncle Henry that's because it's a Maine thing. Imagine craigslist, but well before Craigslist existed, just buyin' and sellin'  Wheelin' And dealin'. Well boy did I ever get a deal yesterday. 


The Shure PG48 retails for about $40 and the Blue Icicle "preamp" retails for around $50. Well I paid $25 for both, threw my buddy $10 for gas and I still feel like it was a bargain.  


A-Jay from gave me a handful of beats the other day and I wasn't sure what to do with them. Now I do. The beats don't fit into the mood of my upcoming project, This Side of Paradise, so I figured: free beats, free style. 

Here's the beat I went in on yesterday. Check back Friday to hear the song.