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Shoesday: Nike Moire

Sneakers and Clotheskyle bryantComment

This shoe, the Nike air zoom moire plus, is a super comfortable sneaker. I've never seen them before, maybe they're a euro exclusive. All I know is that I got a really good deal on them, Free99, and proceeded to beat the hell out of them, mostly from dragging my foot while skating around. 

I love the perforated leather look and the red underneath is an awesome touch but I hated the way they looked laced up, the whole thing just got too tight and looked really long. I always wore them without laces which made for a perfect summer slip on. Like I said, this sneaker is really comfortable but I probably won't be packing it into my suitcase in the future. Most likely they will end up on the side of the road, and hopefully a homeless man can get some good use out of them.

Come to think of it, there is a homeless guy in the neighborhood who wears onitsuka tigers, he'll probably love these. I'm going to give them to him. 

Goodbye friends, I'll see you again in my closet in heaven.