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Graff Mapping with Suglas

Artkyle bryantComment

One of my partners in the studio DOS BCN  recently released a video of his GraffMapping project. Everyone in the studio is somehow related to the graffiti world so when I saw Suglas drawing letters in his sketchbook I thought nothing of it. What he did with those letters blew my mind!!!

After Suglas drew the letters in his sketchbook he starting outlining them all in illustrator. All I could think is, "why is he putting so much time into a black book sketch?". A few days later I walked upstairs and saw that he had a projector set up above one of the desks. When I asked what was going on he asked me not to move anything on that desk because it was all perfectly registered. 

The next day I walked into the studio to see what everything was for. I can't express how impressed I was with this whole project. Big Ups Suglas!!!!