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Surreal / So Real - Max Ripo x Fluorescent Smogg

Artkyle bryantComment

Last week the Fluorescent Smogg project space in Barcelona had an opening for their newest collaboration, Surreal/ So Real with Max Ripo.  Surreal / So Real is a laser cut, hand finished sculpture using clever word play. The entire piece is limited edition and packaged beautifully. The presentation of this project was amazing. 

I loved the way that they showed every piece of the product floating in space. The piece was signed at the bottom by Max Rippon and displayed above a mirror so the viewer could see. 

The walls of the space were painted to correspond to the concept of the piece, with gold, wood, and painted lettering. The show runs until April 4th and is located at Carrer Radas 41, Poble Sec, Barcelona. 

I also spotted a pair of Muro.exe in the crowd. Nice!