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Buy My Prints so I can buy prints!

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I love prints, I make prints because I love them. If I had my way my house, when I eventually have one, would be like walking into a carefully curated print museum/gallery. 

We all know I can make prints, but very rarely can I buy prints. "Buy My Prints so I can buy prints" will be a series of blog posts where I post prints that I would buy for my collection. 

This print is by the Los Angeles based, Australian art duo Dabs and Myla. This print is a silkscreen print with a spray paint colored base layer. 

Signed and numbered in an editions of 100, but just look at that sexy little printers chop! A chop is the tool used to emboss the logo of the printer into the paper and this one makes me want one soooo badly.  

You can see more work from Dabs and Myla at their website DABSMYLA