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@McTreeG, better known as Tree:

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A week or so ago I got hit up on Twitter by one of my current favorite rappers, Chicago's own @mcTreeG. I tweeted out at him asking when his next project #TrapGenius would be coming out and he DM'd me saying he needed art for the cover. SICK! 

I'll be previewing the art on here and on my Instagram @KB_Prints, as time passes but for now check out the video for "Look At Me Now" one of the singles off of #TrapGenius. 

I've been listening to Tree for about a year now, ever since Complex posted The @mctreeg EP. After I memorized every song on the EP I started looking for more. It turns out this guy has a super deep catalog of music including Sunday School I & II which you can find on Stream The @mctreeg EP here and let me know what you think in the comments.