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They're here? They're almost here...

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Between the Grammy's and the newest hype beast shoe on the market, who isn't talking about Kanye West? Every blog I follow has been anxiously awaiting the new Yeezy sneaker. Well it's more like a boot, a space boot from the apollo missions or something. There is a lot of polarity of opinion in the sneaker world. 

Personally I dig it. I like the minimal branding and the unique shape. It has looked okay when Kanye has worn them, grammy's not withstanding because what was that valour jumpsuit? I think they especially cool when they're left open. 

Adidas really seems to be making a push lately. I think they really fell off for a while and are coming back in a big way. I see a lot more people wearing Adidas these days than I did even a year or two ago. 

I'll get into this more soon, but for now just think about this:

Sometimes it's cool to see where inspiration came, "COUGH" Maison Martin Margiela "COUGH" from but sometimes the similarities are too obvious. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Yeezy low looks like.