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Song Of The Day: 9/28/2017

Musickyle bryantComment

Drake - Freak In You Remix. 

I can't stop listening to this Drake take on Freak In You from PartyNextDoor's Colours 2 EP. 

The part when he says "Even when I got it I just gotta keep getting it..." oooooooo!!!

What was your favorite song today? What did you have stuck in your head? 

Raw and uncut: True New England style.

lifestylekyle bryantComment

As fall officially comes across the horizon my mind has shifted into getting excited about snowboarding. I started a conversation with my friend Charles Israel about snowboarding and he sent me this video that he and some friends made last year. 

I absolutely love the DIY nature of their snowboard adventures. It's well known that Maine gets a brutal winter every year, but that doesn't always guarantee snow. Huge praise to these dudes for not letting anything stop them from having fun!